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Made of the finest outdoor fabric, and brightest dyes these pillows are punchy and fun. 

  • Oversized - This is a 20x20 inch pillow, which means that when you open the Amazon box you will say, “Now that is a pillow I could lean against!” instead of, “shoot, it looked so much bigger online.”
  • Comes WITH the fill - So many times we will find an outdoor pillow online and be so excited at the price, only to discover that we missed the tiny part about it being just the cover. We want you to have the whole pillow, ready to go, for your immediate enjoyment.
  • Washable - At Sea By Day, it goes with out saying that pillow should have a cover that comes off and can be easily cleaned, especially if it lives outside. Birds do fly-bys and inevitably your best friend is going to accidentally spill artichoke dip on your favorite pillow. Washability is a very important feature. (Cold water, air dry, please)
  • Two sided - The bold print comes on the one side, and the other side has a complementary solid color. This way you can buy several of the same prints and reverse a few and it feels like you have more pillows!
  • Water Resistant & UV Resistant - Rain will not phase them, and the UV dyes are designed for summers of sunny days. With that being said, the outdoor elements are brutal. Reference the guide to see pillow care instructions.
  • Made in USA