Indoor/Outdoor Pillows with Class Beach Bag

It Was Spring Time in San Diego

A perfect time for new outdoor pillows to match my elevated mood. 


Problem?  The only outdoor pillows I could find were dull, drab and expensive.  So, I decided to make the outdoor pillows myself!   I loved selecting the fabrics and putting them together in my own way.  

Then I started making wine bags for my friends with the left over fabric. They were a hit! Everyone loved them and I felt great!

Then a friend asked me to make her a beach bag.  Ok, I can do this! After many renditions and lots of girlfriend testing, I created two perfect bags: the Classic Beach Bag and the Bucket Bag.

Fast Forward >>>

I'm manufacturing my own proprietary outdoor fabric right here in California! I sell my indoor/outdoor pillows, beach bags, wine bags, spa eye pillows and  spa wraps on Amazon, and right here on my web site!

I love what I do! And, I love a few other things, too - Being a mother of two, living by the ocean, sunset dining with friends, early morning tennis and fresh powder for skiing.  
I hope you found what you wanted here, and I hope you love what you found.


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