What is the Strap for?

I am a collector of bags.  Or, as a friend puts it, I am a fanatic for “Things that hold other things.”  For years I have had multiple bags loaded and ready to go for any occasion.  It used to be a diaper bag, then that became park bag, then a “sitting on the sidelines at my child’s sporting event” bag.  I have a beach bag, of course.  I have a tennis bag. I have a go bag in my car and at home.  I even have a “bag of bags” bag for the grocery store.  (In California we have to pay 10 cents for every grocery bag if we don’t bring our own.)  

As a mom you always have to plan for several potential outcomes of any given outing. Will food be needed? Will it get cold?  Will it get hot?  Will I accidentally lock my child in the car with the car keys?  Back up plans  become part of our DNA.  JUST IN CASE is my mantra.  I have a dear tennis girlfriend that has a magical tennis bag.  You need a sewing kit?  She has it.  Forgot deodorant?  Yep.  Scissors, medical kit, lighter, ziplock for ice, gum, mustard pack, current USTA rules and a laminated card on how to do a Coleman tie break…you name it, she is prepared!  When the unexpected happens, which can be daily, being prepared is the best feeling in the world!  Being able to say, “Wait, yes I do have an extra….sweater, visor, bandaid, road side flair right here in my bag.”  is nirvana to me.  In a potential chaotic situation, I am able to wrestle back the reins of control because I probably have what I need right here in my bag.  All is well.

What does this have to do with the strap? So glad you asked.  I was so excited when I learned how to make my own bags.  I finally was able to design a perfect bag for myself with all of my favorite essential features.  The strap is capital E Essential equipment as far as I am concerned!  The uses are endless.  

  • In my computer bag I attach a lightening connecter in case I need to charge my phone.
  • In the bag I use as a purse, I attach a reusable shopping bag, and an eyeglass/phone cleaning cloth.
  • In my lake bag I have a bottle opener, and chapstick on a carabiner.
  • I have a small waterproof/sand-proof  bag in my beach bag that holds my cell phone and cash, that detaches if I need to go to the snack bar.
  • I even have a nail clipper that doubles as a bottle opener attached to a flash drive on one of my bags.  Thank you London Airport.

Other ideas:  Flash light, Thumb drive, compass, water tight pill case, mini measuring tape, nail clippers, product locator tile, all in one pocket tool, or my favorite “Mom Phrases Key Chain”.  The possibilities are just a few Amazon searches away.  Oh, and they could also be used for your keys.  Keys, almost forgot that one.